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Apprenticeship at LeasAG.

LeasAG sees itself as an innovative company. And that in all areas. Even beyond the actual leasing. At LeasAG we think long-term. This naturally includes training the skilled workers of tomorrow, especially for the very specialised leasing industry. Preferably, of course, with the option of taking them on in a permanent position at LeasAG after their training.

Apprentices and instructors

As a growing, progressive company, we like to train our office management assistants and commercial leasing specialists ourselves, thus giving our trainees the best possible start to their careers. Preferably directly at our company, of course. LeasAG trainees have been awarded by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce as the best in their year.

In addition, we support our interested employees in qualifying as trainers so that we can continue to develop also in this area. Nicole Smitz from our team has also been a IHK certified instructor since 2022.

Dual training with us

With the SiA, we offer one of the most innovative training opportunities. In this way, we want to provide our future employees with a profound technical knowledge and, with a study-integrated (dual) training, also cross-sectoral knowledge.

With dual training at LeasAG, we offer our trainees the best opportunity to achieve a high level of quality in their training.
For good reason, we received an award from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in 2021 for outstanding performance in vocational training.



Info on SiA NRW with interview by management Holger Harmsen and Moritz Freyer, the first SiA trainee at LeasAG  Download PDF

2021 Award from the IHK:
Outstanding apprenticeship

The dual training
from SiA-NRW:

Company with vocational college plus University

In view of the shortage of skilled workers and the migration from apprenticeship to academic training, NRW's study-integrated training (SiA) has developed an alternative that is as sensible as it is convincing.

The procedure is very well thought out: the young people gain practical experience in the training occupation - e.g. at LeasAG - in conjunction with the vocational college - and also take study modules of a training-related course of study at the university. Three places of learning are thus linked together: company, vocational college and university. The time required corresponds to a regular 40-hour week.

After 12-18 months, the trainees can decide which educational and vocational path they would like to take. The advantage: If the decision is made in favour of pure training, they are not drop-outs. The study modules can even be credited to a course of study that is continued at a later date.

If they stay with the study-integrated training, they can present a commercial training degree and a Bachelor's degree at the end. They receive coaching to help them make this decision for their further education and career path on their own responsibility.

Within the coaching, the trainees also receive help from SiA-NRW to learn methods of scientific work, self-organisation and learning methods or to be supported in crisis situations.