LeasAG - Leasing aus Leidenschaft

Innovation through leasing.


A telephone marketing company faced new challenges in 2016: The renovation of the office building was more cost-intensive than planned due to innovative ideas on working atmosphere and ergonomics. In addition, unscheduled investments in IT, communications technology and building security were necessary due to the acquisition of a new major contract.

Due to the diversity, individuality and closely timed implementation of the investment requirements, none of the three house banks were in a position to implement the requirements. The company thus found itself in a situation with great growth and development opportunities that could not have been exploited without suitable financing.

Management therefore decided in favor of a holistic representation of all additional investments by LeasAG Leasing Aktiengesellschaft using individual leasing models.

The investment projects, which could not be planned in the long term but were critical to success, were handled smoothly and its liquidity was always maintained.

We know how to deal with the high demands of a medium-sized company in terms of flexibility, individuality, creativity and, in some cases, even short-term changes to plans and think not in terms of problems but of solutions. Growth and development opportunities for the customer could be realized by prompt implementation of the investments in the IT and communications technology sector via leasing. Innovative business models with new technologies are necessary in our customer's industry in order to meet the challenges of digital change.



How, for example, do we at LeasAG carry out digitalisation?
The prerequisite for this is to recognize the digital needs of customers, rethink processes and adapt our corporate culture. We perform digital archiving "scan to mail" with indexable PDF text documents and thus have the option of text access. The classic fax is also digitalised with us and can therefore be searched for and distributed via the Microsoft Exchange folder. Leasing enquiries, which we receive digitally via various platforms, can be processed automatically.

Our workflow has been considerably streamlined and accelerated by digitalisation.
As far as the digital business agenda of our customers is concerned, we have an ever-increasing number of customers who are digitalising their existing fixed assets, using digital applications and training their employees intensively. Flexible digitalised infrastructures will enable us in future to implement modern technologies and suitable financial Internet services efficiently and, above all, promptly with the help of interfaces. In the process, the speed of our service will increase considerably.
We support you in the conversion of digital investments by maintaining your liquidity through leasing.